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Congratulations!NPOT 热烈庆祝我司宁波品一与上市公司探路者集团签订战略合作协议


我司宁波品一户外用品科技有限公司(NPOT)成立于2007年,经过10多年的行业深耕,现已发展成为中国宁波最专业的户外露营装备供应商之一。为满足不同客户的需求,我司经营产品包括露营家具,露营帐篷,户外吊床,户外露营厨房,户外露营照明,烧烤用品、户外配件等系列,并于2020年成立了NPOT LAB,实现露营装备自主研发。NPOT始终指导技术材料,技术和管理方面的创新,公司也拥有自己的品牌和注册商标——“悦途人 YTR Outdoor”。





Warmly celebrate the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement between our company and the listed company Pathfinder Group!

Our Ningbo Pinyi Outdoor Products Technology Co., Ltd. (NPOT) was established in 2007. After more than 10 years of deep cultivation in the industry, it has developed into one of the most professional outdoor camping equipment suppliers in Ningbo, China. In order to meet the needs of different customers, our company's products include camping furniture, camping tents, outdoor hammocks, outdoor camping kitchens, outdoor camping lighting, barbecue supplies, outdoor accessories and other series, and established NPOT LAB in 2020 to achieve independent camping equipment R&D. NPOT always guides innovation in technical materials, technology and management, the company also has its own brand and registered trademark - "YTR Outdoor".

Our company has more than 3,000 SKUs. Up to now, we have established cooperative relations with 218 overseas customers in more than 80 countries and have stable sales channels. Our customers come from all over the world, customers in North America, South America, Europe, Japan, South Korea and Australia. The main partners include Aldi supermarket, Lidl, Walmart, TJX, Costco, Cencosud, Coleman, Gooutdoors, BRP, Leki, Logos, and have been highly praised and unanimously recognized by the partners.

In recent years, the overall trend of the outdoor camping industry has been improving. In 2022, the domestic scale of camping will reach 40 billion to 50 billion. It is estimated that the domestic market will be 500 billion yuan in 2025, and the European and American markets will exceed 800 billion US dollars. It is expected that there will be one or two domestic camps in 2025. Listed companies with a market value of about 50 billion and a market share of about 20-30%.

In order to seek to further expand the scale, our company has actively cultivated and sought cooperation with Pathfinder, one of the drafters of the national standard for "camping tents". The Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement. In order to strengthen cooperation, our company will provide pathfinders with: 1. The introduction of domestic and foreign industry professionals; 2. One-stop camping equipment supply chain; 3. Camping equipment design and development and rapid implementation; 4. Domestic market channels are optimized and quickly 5. Laying of overseas market channels.

It is hoped that through in-depth cooperation with Pathfinder, we will help Pathfinder Group to become the first outdoor brand by taking advantage of our complete industrial chain, rich product line and diversified overseas channels.

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