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Exploring the Creative Visions of 2023 NPOT Interstyle Exhibition

——————NPOT Martin 2023.2.14

On the first day of Interstyle 2023 Yokohama in Japan, the number of visitors exceeded expectations. Although the business environment is difficult and full of uncertainties, industry colleagues and other people who like the outdoor industry still show us the enthusiasm and desire.
After talking with visitors on the first day, we learned that the main issues of the industry situation in Japan are as follows:
1.Intense competition, they are trying to find suppliers who can provide product value, creativity and professional.
2.Large companies in Japan are focusing on inventory management and maintaining existing sales channels.
3.Smaller companies need suppliers who can provide small quantity customisation, professional product selection and solutions.
The purpose of our NPOT trip to the Japanese exhibition is to seek breakthroughs and progress in the Japanese market, develop small and medium-sized outdoor companies and brands, help them improve their efficiency in market competition, and grow together with them in the future. This viewpoint has been endorsed and supported by fellow industry colleagues in Japan.
Based on NPOT's product development, layout promotion and communication with Japanese outdoor peers, we have a good start and recognition, which has inspired our team and me.
We look forward to working with Japanese outdoor colleagues.
--------NPOT Martin Feb.14th,2023

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